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Exam Code: 210-260
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Network Security
Q&As: 310

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210-260 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 210-260 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Which of these statements is correct in regards to Fresnel zone and mesh network design? Choose all that apply.
A. Mesh network design does not need to account for Fresnel zone.
B. Fresnel zone clearance of at least 60% is required for mesh radio links.
C. Fresnel zone only comes into play when designing Wi-Fi client coverage.
D. Fresnel zone, Free Space Path Loss, EIRP and receive sensitivity are all factors that should be considered.
210-260 exam Correct Answer: BD
Which statement is most correct and should be considered in a typical handheld client Wi-Fi access mesh design?
A. The upstream and downstream link budgets between clients and mesh routers are symmetrical.
B. Client devices typically broadcast at higher EIRP than mesh routers.
C. Client EIRP and receive sensitivity is generally the limiting factor for range.
D. Mesh backhaul links and client access should all be on the same channel to maximize connectivity.
Correct Answer: C
What is the typical use for computing link budgets? Choose the most correct.
A. Determining attainable coverage.
B. Determining attainable range.
C. Determining the height to mount antennas.
D. Determining the proper aim of antennas.
210-260 dumps Correct Answer: B
Which is the least important factor to consider when designing a mesh network?
A. which frequency of backhaul and access can be used
B. number of 3G towers in the area
C. power sources and grounding sources
D. usability of the site
E. available antenna
Correct Answer: B
Which of these following is recommended to assist in creating preliminary mesh designs and is used by the Aruba Outdoor Planner?
A. Google maps
B. Google Earth
C. MeshConfig
D. Network Stumbler
210-260 pdf Correct Answer: B
Which of these identifies the folder(s) used to identify and process radio locations in the Aruba Outdoor
A. Nodes
B. Portals
C. Locations
D. Routers
Correct Answer: C
When designing mesh links what SNR value should normally be considered the minimum for a robust link?
A. -20dBm
B. 20 dBm
C. 100 dBm
D. 10 dBm
210-260 vce Correct Answer: B
Which of these statements is correct, concerning antenna selection in mesh network design? Choose all that apply.
A. Use of non Aruba-certified antennas could be in violation of regulatory domain certifications.
B. Antenna type and gain are important considerations; antennas should be chosen for specific purposes.
C. Almost any good quality antennas will function equivalently to an Aruba-certified antenna, as long as they are aimed correctly.
D. Specifying two SISO (Single Input Single Output) antennas is a recommended substitute for a MIMO antenna.
Correct Answer: AB
Which of the following statements represent good network design practice? Choose all that apply.
A. Maximum link redundancy should be a priority. Therefore, a good design should attempt to support as many mesh links as possible per radio.
B. A good design will attempt to create geographic and spectral diversity.
C. Specifying omni antennas for mesh links is a good way to create a high capacity mesh design.
D. An effective network design will employ a layered aggregation model.
210-260 exam Correct Answer: BD
When specifying antennas in a mesh design, which of these statements is correct?
A. The latest MIMO antennas alleviate the need to consider antenna beam patterns.
B. Antenna height does not need to be taken into consideration.
C. Only horizontal beam width is important
D. Only vertical beam width is important
E. A good design will consider both horizontal and vertical beam patterns, as well as antenna heights and
target receiver heights.
Correct Answer: E
When designing a Wi-Fi client access network to provide coverage to handheld devices, which statement is most correct regarding antennas?
A. Specify antenna height to be as high as possible 20 meters or more, if possible
B. Specify antenna height to be as low as possible 1-2 meters, if possible
C. Specify antenna height to be about 6-8 meters.
D. If specifying an omnidirectional antenna, due to their 360-degree coverage, antenna height is not a consideration.
210-260 dumps Correct Answer: C
Following preliminary design done with Google Earth and the Aruba Outdoor Planner, which of the following is most correct?
A. Once the preliminary design is accepted, a final design and BoM should be created by adding a little “fudge factor”.
B. A site survey should be conducted to verify assumptions and gather additional data to formulate the final design and BoM
C. The customer should be expected to order based on the preliminary design and BoM.
D. Give the preliminary design to the customer with a disclaimer for possible inaccuracies
Correct Answer: B
When determining a mesh design for Wi-Fi client access, what factors should be considered? Choose all that apply.
A. The band in which the clients operate.
B. The client device power and receive sensitivity.
C. The operating system type of the client.
D. The applications the clients will run.
E. The battery life of portable clients.
210-260 pdf Correct Answer: ABD
The primary unique feature of the Aruba 3D Visualization for outdoor planning is as follows (choose best answer):
A. Ability to see effects of building and trees on the coverage
B. Ability to see the horizontal distance that an AP can cover
C. Ability to visualize the effects of antenna mounting elevation and mechanical downtilt on coverage
D. Ability to see real time heatmaps of deployed coverage
Correct Answer: C
Before adding placemarks into Google Earth to create an outdoor plan for Client Coverage, what information is helpful to have available?
A. Facility Location (Address or Lat/Lon) and plan (CAD drawing or map) showing available AP outdoor mounting locations.
B. Understanding of the required coverage areas, desired data rates, and services
C. Client Device info (power and typical antenna gain if available)
D. All of the Above
210-260 vce Correct Answer: D

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