New Updated Cisco CCNP Data Center 642-996 PDF DCUFD: Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric

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Exam Code: 642-996
Exam Name: Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric
Updated: Apr 02, 2017
Q&As: 178

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the 642-996 pdf. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

1.0 Describe the Design Methodology 6%
1.1 Describe developing business trends
1.2 Identify business requirements driving the Data Center design
1.3 Determine the requirements needed to create a Data Center solution
1.4 Describe the tools/process to characterize an existing Data Center
1.5 Describe the top down approach to network design

2.0 Describe Data Center Structure and Modularity 7%
2.1 Describe network architectures for the Data Center
2.1.a LAN
2.1.b SAN
2.2 Describe the Modular Approach in Network Design
2.3 Describe the data center core layer
2.4 Describe the data center aggregation layer
2.5 Describe the data center access layer
2.6 Identify Design Considerations for connectivity between Data Centers
2.7 Identify the environments that use a Cisco data center virtualization solution
2.8 Identify the migration plan from existing to new infrastructure

642-996 pdf

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Question No : 11 When designing a data center environment with ECMP and IP routing between the data
center network segments, which design would be the most suitable?
A. Layer 3 data center core
B. Layer 3 data center core with Layer 2 extension
C. Layer 2 data center core
D. Layer 2 data center core with Layer 3 extension
Answer: A

Question No : 12 What is one required component to run FCoE?
A. iSCSI gateway
B. Fibre Channel adapter
D. Converged network adaptors
Answer: D

Question No : 13 Your customer is designing a new data center with FCoE. Which three appropriate
platforms are capable of meeting this requirement? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Nexus 5596 switch with FCoE license
B. Cisco Nexus 7010 switch with FCoE license
C. Cisco Fabric Extender with FCoE support
D. Cisco 2948 switch with FCoE license
E. Cisco Catalyst 6509 switch with FCoE blade
Answer: A,B,C

Question No : 14 Which of the following is true with respect to Cisco Adapter FEX?
A. Cisco Adapter FEX is only supported on vSwitch.
B. Cisco Adapter FEX enables the server adapter to be logically partitioned into multiple
C. Cisco Adapter FEX does not provide architectural flexibility.
D. Cisco Adapter FEX increases the number of cables in the data center.
Answer: B

642-996 pdf Question No : 15  The classical aggregation layer design does not provide isolation on the control plane and
on the data plane. What is the solution to this problem?
Answer: B

Question No : 16 What is a typical output of the design planning phase that characterizes an existing data
A. a high-level conceptual architecture proposal
B. a gap analysis
C. a verification plan
D. reactive fault detection and correction
Answer: B

Question No : 17  Which three options does Cisco Data Mobility Manager provide? (Choose three.)
A. can change the migration rate to shorten windows during low traffic hours or minimize
B. brings the need for multiple migration solutions
C. moves from a smaller logical unit number to a larger LUN
D. manages all capabilities from an easy-to-use GUI
E. manages all capabilities from CLI
F. can change the migration rate to shorten windows during high traffic hours or maximize
G. manages some capabilities from an easy-to-use GUI
Answer: A,C,D

Question No : 18  Which three Cisco technologies or solutions are used during the virtualization design into
the data center access layer? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Nexus 1000V switch
B. Cisco UCS pass-through switching with VM-FEX
C. Cisco Virtual Services Appliance
D. Cisco Adapter-FEX when using Cisco UCS C-Series Servers
E. Cisco Distributed Virtual Switch
F. Fibre Channel switch mode
Answer: A,B,D

Question No : 19  Which protocol is required in order for FabricPath to support switches or hosts that dual
attach through classical Ethernet?
B. vPC
Answer: B
Question No : 20  Which type of 40 Gigabit Ethernet optics should be used for interconnect when the number
of multimode fiber strands used should be kept as low as possible?
B. 40GBASE-LR4-Lite
Answer: C

642-996 pdf Question No : 21 Which item uses TCP as a block I/O transport?

A. NFS v4
B. HyperTransport
C. AoE
Answer: F

642-996 pdf

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