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700-070 dumps

Latest and Most Accurate Pass4itsure 700-070 Dump Exam Q&As:

Where may functional testing be performed?
A. At system and acceptance testing levels only.
B. At all test levels.
C. At all levels above integration testing.
D. At the acceptance testing level only.
700-070 exam Answer: B
Given the following fragment of code, how many tests are required for 100% decision  coverage?
If width > lenth then
Biggest_diension = width
If height > width then
biggest_dimension = height
Biggest_diension = length
If height>length
Biggest_dimension = height
A. 3
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1
Answer: B
As part of which test process do you determine the exit criteria?
A. Test planning.
B. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting.
C. Test closure.
D. Test control.
700-070 dumps Answer: A
Which of the following defines the expected results of a test?
A. Test case specification.
B. Test design specification.
C. Test procedure specification.
D. Test results.
Answer: A
Given the following decision table:
Which of the following test cases and expected results is VALID?
A. 23 year old in insurance class A Premium is 90 and excess is 2,500.
B. 51 year old in insurance class C Premium is 70 and excess is 500.
C. 31 year old in insurance class B Premium is 90 and excess is 2,500.
D. 43 year old in insurance class C Premium is 70 and excess is 1,000.
700-070 pdf Answer: A
For which of the following would a static analysis tool be MOST useful?
A. Supporting reviews.
B. Validating models of the software.
C. Testing code executed in a special test harness.
D. Enforcement of coding standards.
Answer: D
Match the terms and statements being displaced in the exhibit.
A. 1Y, 2Z, 3X, 4W.
B. 1X ,2W, 3Z, 4Y.
C. 1Z, 2X, 3W, 4Y.
D. 1Z, 2Y, 3X, 4W.
700-070 vce Answer: A
Which of the activities in the exhibit should be performed during the selection and implementation of a testing tool?
A. i, ii, iii.
B. ii, iii, iv.
C. i, iii, iv.
D. i, ii, iv.
Answer: D
Please refer to the exhibit. From a Testing perspective, what are the MAIN purposes of Configuration Management?
A. ii, iv and v.
B. ii, iii and iv.
C. i, ii and iv.
D. i, iii and v.
700-070 exam Answer: C
A wholesaler sells printer cartridges. The minimum order quantity is 5. There is a 20% discount for orders of 100 or more printer cartridges. You have been asked to prepare test cases using various values for the number of printer cartridges ordered.
Which of the following groups contain three test inputs that would be generated using Boundary Value Analysis?
A. 5, 6, 20
B. 4, 5, 80.
C. 4, 5, 99.
D. 1, 20, 100.
Answer: C
Which of the following is MOST important in the selection of a test approach?
A. Availability of tools to support the proposed techniques.
B. The budget allowed for training in proposed techniques.
C. Available skills and experience in the proposed techniques.
D. The willingness of the test team to learn new techniques.
700-070 dumps Answer: C
Which of the items displayed in the exhibit are characteristic of regression testing.
A. ii, iv.
B. ii, iii.
C. i, iii, iv.
D. iii.
Answer: B
QUESTION NO:13 How does an Isilon cluster running OneFS 6.5 enable file level access to Windows clients? (Choose 1)
A. Using SMB only
B. Using CIFS and SMB
C. Using CIFS and Samba
D. Using CIFS only
700-070 pdf Answer: A
QUESTION NO:14 What is the maximum tape block size supported by OneFS 6.5.? (Choose 1)
A. 8 K
B. 64 KB C.
128 KB D.
256 KB
Answer: C
QUESTION NO:15 The NLM protocol is used in some NFS client connections.
What does the NLM protocol do? (Choose 1)
A. Provides file locks for NFS v2 and 3 clients
B. Provides file locks for CIFS clients
C. Provides file locks for NFS v2, 3, and 4 clients
D. Provides file locks for SMB v1,2, and 3 clients
700-070 vce Answer: A
QUESTION NO:16 The unlicensed version of SmartPools enables you to do what? (Choose 1)
A. Automatically move files from one disk pool to another
B. Define a subgroup of nodes to allow 12000X nodes and 36000X nodes to reside in a single disk pool
C. Force writes into the virtual hard disks.
D. Block manually configured file policies.
Answer: B
QUESTION NO:17 How are disk pools provisioned? (Choose 1)
A. The cluster automatically creates disk pools.
B. By network provisioning rules.
C. By disk provisioning rules.
D. They must be manually created.
700-070 exam Answer: A
QUESTION NO:18 You are configuring a synchronization between two clusters using SyncIQ. You re root directory is /ifs/data. You create an include statement for /ifs/data/media and an exclude statement of /ifs/data/public. What will be synchronized to the other cluster? (Choose 1)
A. Nothing will be synchronized.
B. Everything in the ifs/data folder will be synchronized.
C. Everything in the ifs/data folder except the /ifs/data/public folder will be synchronized.
D. Everything in the /ifs/data/media folder and the /ifs/data/public folder will be synchronized.
E. Everything in the /ifs/data/media folder will be synchronized.

F. Everything in the ifs/data/public folder will be synchronized.
Answer: E
QUESTION NO:19 For what reasons would you increase the default Ethernet frame MTU on an Isilon cluster? (Choose 3.)
A. To match the frame size of the client system.
B. To improve overall performance.
C. To increase the LUN I/O performance.
D. There is no good reason to change the default Ethernet frame size. It is automatically optimized for
E. To provide easier trace captures.
700-070 dumps Answer: A,B,C
QUESTION NO:20 How do you enable anti-virus scanning service for an Isilon cluster? (Choose 1)
A. Click Enable on the Anti-virus Summary page
B. Install an ICAP server
C. Configure all of the settings on the Anti-virus Summary page
D. Install an ICMP server
Answer: C
QUESTION NO:21 When setting a new disk pool protection level, what should the administrator do to apply the new
protection level to existing data? (Select the best answer.)
A. The administrator should run the isi protect command to apply the new protection level.
B. The administrator should run the isi migrate command to apply the new protection level.
C. Nothing. The cluster applies the new protection level automatically to existing data.
D. Nothing. You cannot apply new protection level settings until you complete an entire cluster reboot.
700-070 pdf Answer: C
QUESTION NO:22 Which of the following directory services is not supported by an Isilon cluster? (Choose 1)
A. Active Directory
E. All are supported.
Answer: D
QUESTION NO:23 Which of the following best describes a Network Provisioning rule? (Choose 1)
A. You can define one subnet per cluster and one pool per subnet.
B. You can define one subnet per cluster and multiple pools per subnet.
C. You can define multiple subnets per cluster and one pool per subnet.
D. You can define multiple subnets per cluster and multiple pools per subnet.
700-070 vce Answer: C
QUESTION NO:24 What is the maximum number of nodes supported by an Isilon cluster? (Choose 1)
A. 48

B. 64
C. 96
D. 128
E. 144
Answer: E
QUESTION NO:25 What should you name the account that runs the Isilon for vCenter Plug-in? (Choose 1)
A. vapi
B. api
C. vCenter
D. vm
700-070 exam Answer: A
QUESTION NO:26 What are versions of NFS are enabled by default in an Isilon cluster? (Choose 1)
A. Versions 1 and 2
B. Versions 1, 2, and 3
C. Versions 2 and 3
D. Versions 3 and 4
E. Versions 2, 3, and 4
Answer: C
QUESTION NO:27 When representing a cluster protection level as N+M:B, what is B? (Choose 1)
A. The number of recoverable disk failures.
B. The number of data blocks.
C. The number of recoverable node failures.
D. The number of data stripes.
700-070 dumps Answer: C
QUESTION NO:28 Which of the following approaches focuses on cooperative rather than adversarial relationships with suppliers?
A. single sourcing
B. cross-functional teams
C. supply base management
D. supplier partnerships
Answer: D
QUESTION NO:29 Which of the following BEST defines negotiations?
A. reaching an agreement through discussion
B. maximizing one’s position over one’s opponent
C. reaching an agreement through competitive bidding
D. ensuring that the terms and conditions of a contract are met
700-070 pdf Answer: A
QUESTION NO:30 In a situation where the purchasing and production departments share responsibility for product fabrication, lead time for delivery of material, work schedules, and selection of sources of supply. Which responsibilities would be allocated to the production department? (Choose two.)
A. product fabrication
B. lead time for delivery of material
C. work schedules
D. selection of sources of supply
Answer: A, C
QUESTION NO:31 When developing a new product with a supplier, which of the following documents protects a company from information leaks?
A. Copyright
B. Patent
C. Supplier partnership
D. Confidentiality agreement
700-070 vce Answer: D
QUESTION NO:32 You work as a buyer at KillTest .com. You are curious about the disadvantaged ownership of one of the companies that supply materials for KillTest .com. When, if ever, can you ask the supplier for this information?
A. At any time
B. Only when the buyer is purposefully seeking a minority supplier
C. Only when authorized by the courts
D. At no time
Answer: A
QUESTION NO:33 If a purchasing manager is represented by buying an organization in a meeting with a governmental body. The manager could possibly embark in the following:
A. explaining the organization’s new MRP system

B. promoting the business to other participants
C. negotiating for the buying organization
D. discussing the advantages and disadvantages of various types of contractual arrangements
700-070 exam Answer: C
QUESTION NO:34 Which of the following procedures for dealing with businesses that have social or economical disadvantages, if a purchasing manager considers: (Choose all that apply)
A. That the staff of such businesses may have had limited exposure to technical contract language
B. That exceptions may be needed to accommodate faster payment of invoices from such businesses
C. That goods or services of lower than usual quality may be accepted from such businesses
D. That such businesses may need information on the bidding process
Answer: A, C, D
QUESTION NO:35 Choose two of the following options that are usually amongst the functions of the material manager of? (Choose two)
A. Stores and receiving
B. Quality control
C. Traffic management
D. Accounts payable
700-070 dumps Answer: A, C

QUESTION NO:36 With regard to decision-making capability of cross-functional sourcing teams which of the following is TRUE?
A. Better decisions than individuals.
B. Quick decisions than individuals.
C. Requiring the input of suppliers.
D. Poor substitute for individual decisions.
Answer: A
QUESTION NO:37 Which software type is BEST applicable when using in the analysis of a competitive bid?
A. Application
B. Interface
C. Scientific
D. Operating system
700-070 pdf Answer: A

700-070 dumps

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