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A fabric interconnect fails to start and the console displays the loader prompt. Which two actions resolve the issue?
(Choose two.)
A. Load an uncorrupt bootloader image.
B. Load an uncorrupt kickstart image.
C. Reconnect L1/L2 cables between the Fis.
D. Reformat the fabric interconnect.
E. Load the correct version of the boot image.
Correct Answer: BE

An engineer is troubleshooting a custom AV pair that was created by a client on an external authentication server to
map a read-only role for a specific security domain. Which AV pair solves the problem?
A. shell:domains=Security_Domain_1//Read_Role_1|Read_Role_2
B. shell:domains=Security_Domain_1/Write_Role_1|Read_Role_2
C. shell=Security_Domain_1/Read_Role_1|Read_Role_2
D. shell:domains=Security_Domain_1/Read_Role_1|Read_Role_2
Correct Answer: A


300-615 exam questions-q3

Refer to the exhibit. Cisco UCS Manager is being upgraded using the Auto Install feature, but the FSM fails. Which
action resolves the issue?
A. Acknowledge the primary fabric interconnect.
B. Remove the service pack from the subordinate fabric interconnect.
C. Clear the startup version of the default infrastructure pack.
D. Upgrade the firmware of the infrastructure firmware by using the force option.
Correct Answer: C


300-615 exam questions-q4

Refer to the exhibit. An attempt to bind the Ethernet interface to vFC fails. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Add the FCoE VLAN to the allowed VLAN list.
B. Configure the FCoE VLAN that corresponds to the vFC VSAN as a private VLAN.
C. Configure the interface as a trunk port.
D. Configure the interface to use the native VLAN of the trunk port.
Correct Answer: C


300-615 exam questions-q5

Refer to the exhibit. Interface fc1/5 is offline. Which action should be taken to troubleshoot the issue?
A. Activate the correct zoneset for VSAN 100.
B. Update the FLOGI database to contain the FLOGI entries for interface fc1/5 in VSAN 100.
C. Update the FCNs database to contain names for VSAN 100.
D. Configure the upstream ports and the server ports to be in VSAN 100.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A remote device connected to fc 1/2 fails to come online. Which do you configure to resolve the

300-615 exam questions-q6

A. remote and local ports to be in the correct VSAN
B. local switch for NPV
C. remote device for NPIV
D. port on remote device as an f-port-channel
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

300-615 exam questions-q7

300-615 exam questions-7-2

Boot from SAN fails. The host fails to detect the LUNs. You must resolve the issue. Drag and drop the WWPNs on the
left to the correct zones on the right.

300-615 exam questions-7-3

A network administrator attempts to install an application in the Cisco NX-OS Guest shell and receives an error that
there is not enough space on the disk. Which command must the administrator run to increase the disk space available
in the Guest shell?
A. guestshell growdisk rootfs [size-in-MB]
B. guestshell pvextend rootfs [size-in-MB]
C. guestshell resize rootfs [size-in-MB]
D. guestshell resize2fs rootfs [size-in-MB]
Correct Answer: C


300-615 exam questions-q9

Refer to the exhibit. An OSPF adjacency between Router-A and Router-B cannot reach the FULL state. Which action
resolves the issue?
A. Adjust the MTU on Router-A to 1600.
B. Disable the check of the MTU value.
C. Set the OSPF media type to point-to-point.
D. Adjust the MTU on Router-B to 1604.
Correct Answer: B

A customer configures HSRP between two data centers that are interconnected with OTV. The configuration succeeds,
but traffic between two ESXi virtual hosts on the same site is routed suboptimally through the OTV overlay. Which two
actions optimize the traffic? (Choose two.)
A. Disable first-hop redundancy.
B. Filter HSRP traffic by using a Layer 3 VACL on the OTV edge devices.
C. Filter HSRP by using a Layer 2 MAC-list on the ESXi vSwitch.
D. Filter HSRP traffic by using a Layer 3 VACL on the ESXi vSwitch.
E. Filter HSRP by using a Layer 2 MAC-list on the OTV edge devices.
Correct Answer: AB

Drag and drop the actions from the left onto the faults that they resolve on the right. Not all options are used.
Select and Place:

300-615 exam questions-q11

Correct Answer:

300-615 exam questions-q11-2


300-615 exam questions-q12

Refer to the exhibit. vPC between switch1 and switch2 is not working. Which two actions are needed to fix the problem?
(Choose two.)
A. Match vPC domain ID between the two devices.
B. Configure IP address on the interface.
C. Activate VLANs on the vPC.
D. Configure vPC peer link and vPC peer keepalive correctly.
E. Configure one of the switches as primary for the vPC.
Correct Answer: AC

You must troubleshoot an issue with DAI on a Cisco Nexus switch. Drag and drop the DAI configuration steps from the
left into the order they must be implemented in on the right.

300-615 exam questions-q13

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