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S1000-002 Exam Prep

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Exam S1000-002: The IBM Cloud Pak for Data Systems V1.x Administrator Specialty exam requires 40 questions to be answered in 75 minutes and 28 questions correctly. The test is in English and costs $100.

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S1000-002 – IBM IBM Cloud Pak for Data Systems V1.x Administrator Specialty Free Questions Answers

1. Which command will manually close an alert with id 1234?

A. ap issues -d 1234
B. ap –close 1234
C. ap issues –close 1234
D. ap –close alert 1234

Correct Answer: A

2. A user reports that the web console for IBM Cloud Pak for Data (ICP4D) is not responding. Based on the report below. what first step should the IBM Cloud Pak for Data System administrator take to address the problem?

A. Delete the pod: on delete pod ICP4D
B. Restart the platform application ICP4D: ap restart ICP4D
C. Enable the ICP4D application: ap apps enable ICP4D
D. Resume the ICP4D application: ap apps resume ICP4D

Correct Answer: C

3. What action should an administrator take based on a vulnerability scan report?

A. Upload the report to Redhat support and wait for feedback.
B. Open it in a web browser, if a definition is evaluated as true then the system is not affected by these.
C. The administrator should patch the system based on the findings of the report.
D. Open the report in a web browser, definitions evaluated as true mean that the system is affected by that vulnerability. Contact IBM support for guidance.

Correct Answer: D

4. Which utility collects diagnostic information for all components?

A. adding
B. apinfo
C. apsyslog
D. aplogcollect

Correct Answer: A

5. Which two Cloud Pak for Data System prerequisites must be met in order to forward logs to a remote log server? (Choose two.)

A. The worker nodes should be set to logging.
B. The control nodes must be enabled with the external IP address configured.
C. The remote logging server must have at least 100 GB of storage.
D. The unset nodes should be set to logging.
E. The remote logging server must be enabled to accept forwarding messages from control nodes.

Correct Answer: DE

6. What utility can be used to validate the System_Name.yml file?

C. ap validate System_Name.yml

Correct Answer: D

7. Which two methods can be used to obtain the software inventory and monitor software components’ status in Cloud Pak for Data System? (Choose two.)

A. Query the systemd journal: journalctl
B. Command line: aps w -d
C. Service manager status: systemctl status icp4d
D. Audit log: apsyslog
E. Web Console: Software overview page

Correct Answer: CD

8. Which command is used to determine the log file associated with a particular issue in Cloud Pak for Data System?

A. Run the journalctl command.
B. Run the ap issues command.
C. Run the apdiag command.
D. Run the oc inspect command.

Correct Answer: D

9. What is the result of running the ap issues 1001 command?

A. displays details for issue 1001
B. displays issues for component 1001
C. displays issues for user 1001
D. displays the last 1001 issues

Correct Answer: A

10. Which tool is used to apply STIG hardening to Cloud Pak for Data System?

A. Manually change the recommended files by STIG guidelines.
B. Use the web console and configure Home->Admin->STIG.
C. Use security_stig_manager with –applyAll.
D. Use security_comliance_manager.

Correct Answer: C

11. Which AEK management on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System can store SED authentication keys?

A. IBM Security Guardium Data Protection
B. IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager
C. IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager
D. OpenSSH

Correct Answer: C

12. Which disk node protects the data when disks are accidentally or intentionally removed from the system?

A. secure erase
B. auto-lock
C. cipher-block chaining
D. disk metadata encryption

Correct Answer: B

13. In the System_Name.yml file, which node-specific item must be set in each node stanza?

A. IP address
B. subnet mask
C. gateway
D. Vlan

Correct Answer: AC

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