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EMC Other Certification DES-3611 Online Exam Practice Questions

A company\\’s environment consists of two data centers with a single Dell EMC XtremIO array. The company has
indicated that they need the ability to provide disaster recovery protection. Which RecoverPoint license will provide this
capability while minimizing cost?
A. RecoverPoint/CL on both clusters
B. ReocverPoint/CL on the Production cluster only
C. RecoverPoint/SE on both clusters
D. RecoverPoint/SE on the Production cluster only
Correct Answer: B

In Dell EMC Data Protection Suite for Applications, which Application Direct agent supports Oracle 10gR2?
A. Microsoft Application Agent
B. Database Application Agent
C. Oracle RMAN Agent
D. Oracle Database Agent
Correct Answer: C

Which Microsoft technologies are used to provide database consistent backups for MS SQL with Dell EMC DPS
Application Direct?
B. VSS and VDI
Correct Answer: A

A customer is currently running VMs in two public cloud providers. As part of their overall data protection strategy, they
are interested in adding Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager to their portfolio. How many subscriptions does the
customer need to purchase to protect their VMs in both public cloud accounts?
A. One subscription per public cloud
B. One subscription, per year, for the number or capacity of VMs
C. One subscription for the cumulative number of all VMs
D. One subscription for the cumulative capacity of all VMs
Correct Answer: A

In the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite for Applications, what is a key benefit of Storage Direct Backup?
A. 10x faster recovery
B. 10x faster backup
C. Backup does not require a Data Domain
D. Support for a wide range of third-party storage arrays
Correct Answer: A

In a Dell EMC RecoverPoint environment, which Consistency Group setting will help prevent application throttling for
synchronous replication?
A. Snapshot Granularity
B. Dynamic by Latency
C. Deduplication
D. Compression
Correct Answer: B

A company plans to integrate a Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 with two 4-port network cards in a Cisco switch infrastructure.
Which connection type is supported for backup and management?
A. 10 GbE with SFP+ optics attached
B. Copper Twinax up to 7m
C. 10 GbE SFP+ optical with LC-LC
D. 10BaseT with RJ45 Cat6
Correct Answer: C

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Based on the exhibit, which Dell EMC Isolated Recovery Solution component includes compute and a hardened Data
A. Backup Application Host
B. Management Host
C. Recovery Test Hosts
D. Vault Compute
Correct Answer: C

Based on which protection plan does Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager use to help take snapshots in an Amazon
Web Services cloud environment?
A. Tags
B. Time
C. Date
D. Volume
Correct Answer: D

A customer has 6,000 desktops and laptops with 1 TB of data, an average backup time of 10 minutes each, and 10 TB
of database data. The customer wants a solution that addresses the following requirements:
Deduplication in the shortest backup window with the fewest components Least performance impact on the database
Which Dell EMC solution is recommended?
A. One Avamar 7.8 TB 3-node server integrated with a Data Domain system
B. Two Avamar 2.0 TB 5-node servers integrated with a Data Domain system
C. NetWorker with multiple deduplication nodes
D. NetWorker with integrated deduplication nodes and a Data Domain system
Correct Answer: B

What is the expected compression rate for protection operations with Dell EMC Data Domain Cloud DR before sending
data to the cloud?
A. 45%
B. 50%
C. 60%
D. 65%
Correct Answer: B

You are designing cloud protection for a customer who is using Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager. Which Microsoft
Azure resource is supported with Snapshot Management?
A. Relational Database Service
B. Elastic Compute Cloud
C. Managed Virtual Machine
D. Elastic Block Store
Correct Answer: C

A customer wants to use 40 GbE breakout uplinks in a Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) factory-
configured ToR switch. Which customer environment needs to exist to make use of this uplink option?
A. IDPA ToR switch needs to be connected to a Cisco switch
B. Customer switch needs to have 16 unused Twinax or SFP+ optical ports
C. IDPA ToR switch needs to be connected to a Dell switch
D. SFTP+ transceivers and breakout cables need to be provided by the switch vendor
Correct Answer: C

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