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Exam Code: 70-695
Exam Name: Deploying Windows Devices and Enterprise Apps
Updated: Aug 02, 2017
Q&As: 95

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Exam 70-696 dumps is about Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps.
The exams cover the following topics:

  • Deploy and manage virtual applications (14%)
  • Deploy and manage desktop and mobile applications (15%)
  • Plan and implement software updates (16%)
  • Manage compliance and endpoint protection settings (15%)
  • Manage Configuration Manager clients (15%)
  • Manage inventory using Configuration Manager (12%)
  • Provision and manage mobile devices (12%)

70-695 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-695 Dumps Exam Q&As:

1.When executing a DoCapture API call, what value should you pass as the authorization ID parameter?
A. authorizationId=<correlationId>
B. authorizationId=<authorizationId>
C. authorizationId=<orderId>
D. authorizationId=<transactionId>
70-695 exam 
Answer: D
2.When using Express Checkout, what is the proper URL to use to direct the customer to PayPa after a
successful SetExpressCheckout API call.?
A. https://www.pavpal.com/webscr?token=
B. https://vw/w.pavpal.com/cqi-bin/webscr?token=
C. https://www.paypal.com/expresscheckout?token=
D. https://www.paypal.com/webscr?cmd=_express-checkout&token=
Answer: D
3.If a Business account does not have Website Payments Pro, which of the following API methods is not
available for use?
A. DoExpressCheckoutPayment
B. TransactionSearch
C. GetTransactionDetails
D. DoDirectPayment
E. RefundTransaction
70-695 dumps 
Answer: D
4.Which of the following payment methods does not directly use funds from a customer bank account?
B. Credit card
C. Debit card
D. eCheck
Answer: B
5.What is Instant Payment Notification (IPN)?
A. An email notification feature within a PayPal account
B. A server side POST of transaction data
C. A text message notification feature within a PayPal account
D. Transaction data returned through the get string on website return
70-695 pdf 
Answer: B
6.When the data passed back to PayPal to check on its authenticity through IPN is not the same as the
data sent from PayPal you get a response of a single word. What word is that?

Answer: C
7.What is the correct sequence of these operations for executing an Instant Update API call?
1. POST shipping options to PayPal
2. Extract shipping address token from Instant Update message
3. API call to postal carrier to calculate rate based on shipping address
4. Call GetExpressCheckoutDetails to obtain buyer’s shipping options
A. 2, 4, 3, 1
B. 4, 1, 2, 3
C. 4.2, 3, 1
D. 2, 3, 1, 4
70-695 vce 
Answer: D
8.When using the Instant Update/Callback API with Express Checkout, which three of the following are
valid variables that need to be passed over in the SetExpressCheckout API call?
Answer: A,C,D
9.Sam uses Adaptive Payments’ Pay API to set up payments so he is the API caller. He would like to allow
“guest payment” (“guest checkout”): that is, the payer does not have to have a PayPal account but can
make the payment using a credit card. To achieve that which two of the following should Sam make sure
A. He should use himself as the primary receiver if it is a chained payment.
B. All receivers of a guest payment need to be either Premier or Business verified PayPal accounts.
C. He should not specify the sender’s email in the Pay API call that sets up the payment.
D. He should not use embedded payment flow for Adaptive Payments since guest checkout function is
not available in it.
E. He should store the payer’s credit card information in his site/application.
70-695 exam 
Answer: B,C
10.When you (as a developer, using your own API credentials) are running Express Checkout API calls
on behalf of a merchant what variable can you use to pass the merchant’s PayPal account email address
so that the payment is associated with the merchant’s account?
Answer: D
11.When creating a subscription button, what variable sets the subscription to reattempt a failed recurring
payment before canceling it?
A. sra
B. src
C. srf
D. srr
E. srt
70-695 dumps 
Answer: A
12.When setting the value for the variable cmd. which of the following is not a valid value?
A. _cart
B. _xclick
C. _xclick-auto-billing
D. _xclick-donations
E. _xclick-subscriptions
Answer: D
13.You want to hard set the shipping in the HTML code for your non-hosted cleartext PayPal add-tocart
button to $0.99 for an item and each additional quantity of the same item.
Which two of the following variables could you use?
A. item_shipping_1
B. item_shipping_2
C. ship_amt_1
D. ship_amt_2
E. shipping
F. shipping2
70-695 pdf 
Answer: E,F
14.What does “authorization” mean in the context of credit card processing?
A. Process of collecting a payment from a customer’s credit card
B. Process of obtaining customer’s consent for payment
C. Verification of availability of funds from customer’s credit card
D. None of the above
Answer: C
15.Which three are true about eCheck?
A. The sender’s PayPal account contains one or more bank accounts but no linked credit card.
B. A payment is still an eCheck even though the sender has enough PayPal balance in his/her account.
C. An eCheck payment cannot be refunded with the Refund API of Adaptive Payments.
D. Sender and primary receiver of a chained payment cannot use eCheck.
E. Funding of an eCheck is not available right away in the receiver’s account, since PayPal needs to wait
for the sender’s bank to clear it first.
70-695 vce 
Answer: A,D,E

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